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At we provide our evaluation and rankings of products and services in a variety of markets ranging from kitchen appliances to electronics to help consumers make a more informed purchasing decision for their needs. Our research team combines their independent research with the assistance of independent experts and enthusiasts with interests in our areas which we evaluate.

We provide numerous opportunities for experts and enthusiasts to assist us with the research and evaluation process we have created to identify the best products and services in our various evaluated markets. Experts who are currently engaged in their respective markets who do not exhibit signs of bias for a specific company or brand are considered to become certified evaluators for In order to maintain the integrity of our evaluation process, we do not allow individuals currently working for or with companies that provide the products and services which we evaluate or have worked for these companies or brand names within an amount of time which would bring concern to our evaluation process. Individuals with experience in research, marketing, and business development are urged to apply to become a certified evaluator for

Our certified evaluators are enthusiasts in their areas of expertise. We are actively looking for evaluators who are both passionate and have extensive knowledge in the topics of interest. Many of our most valued evaluators have had successful careers in these markets or have had experience with working with or utilizing various products or services in their lines of work. They are also able to effectively communicate their opinions both verbally and in written form and are dedicated to the research and evaluation of these products and services.

To apply to become a certified evaluator for, give us a call, send us an e-mail, or fill out our contact us form to learn more about the opportunity.

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