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Research Overview - How Do We Rank?

We hire a dedicated enthusiast for each industry we evaluate. We payfor the enthusiasts to conduct research. Vendors pay us for our research and development costs.

How Do We Rank?

Review Authority evaluates and ranks consumer products and services to assist consumers in making the right decision in their purchases. We believe that making a smart buying decision can save money in the long term and ensure the greatest enjoyment whether it's a kitchen appliance, consumer electronics, or even a new car. Our research process involves our research team and certified evaluators working together to evaluate the products and services which make up our rankings. Our process for evaluation and rankings is as follows:

Step One - We hire a dedicated enthusiast for each industry we evaluate.

In order to better understand the dynamics of each industry which we evaluate, we connect with enthusiasts to find the best fit to assist us. Each enthusiast will provide us with insight on the various aspects of the industry that create the best products and services while assisting us with the reviews and rankings we provide. Our research team also spends time utilizing a variety of research channels in order to obtain as much relevant information as is possible.

Step Two - We pay for the enthusiasts to conduct research.

Time and money is spent to ensure our enthusiasts have access to required materials and information needed to provide their insight and knowledge to Review Authority. Enthusiasts are paid for the time and efforts needed to successfully evaluate and rank the products and services in each industry.

Step Three - Vendors pay us for our research and development costs.

We charge product and service vendors for the time and research required to evaluate and rank products and services successfully. We utilize the finances earned to offset the costs of hiring researches and enthusiasts as well as the costs of maintaining our website and other miscellaneous services.

This process involves our internal research team and our proprietary methodology for evaluating and ranking products and services. Our research team collects information on each of the categories in which we evaluate and rank to better understand various market dynamics and aspects of each type of product or service which makes it particularly unique or useful. The use of this information ensures that our representation of the products and services is effective and efficient at displaying key information for each product and services which we evaluate.

Through compiling all of the information we have received from our enthusiasts and research team, we organize and generate the comprehensive rankings which are released on our website. These rankings are our recommendations to consumers on the best products and services included with some insight on how we have evaluated and ranked them.

By the end of the process, companies who have products and services which are being evaluated and ranked will obtain increased exposure and publicity. We provide a confident evaluation of these products and services and assist quality product and service vendors with providing to customers looking for them.

In our experience, we have found that our rankings are able to produce increased positive exposure and publicity for brands interested in having their products and services evaluated by our evaluation team. To have your products and services evaluated by our team, give us a call or fill out our contact form. 

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