• Frequently Asked Questions
    • Who is reviewauthority.com?

      We are an independent research company with a focus on evaluating and ranking products and services in order to provide consumers with valuable information they can use to make the right buying decision.

    • What does reviewauthority.com do?

      We provide an evaluation and ranking service that evaluates different products and services based on the professional opinions of our certified evaluators. We also offer a marketplace for product and service providers to offer their current and future offerings to a target audience interested in shopping over the internet or finding a quality product or service. We offer various filtering options to assist with pinpointing the perfect product or service.

    • What makes us independent?

      We are not affiliated with any public administrative agencies, government entities, non-profit organizations, or otherwise related to any private parent or subsidiary companies that would otherwise undermine our impartiality in performing various products and services. We have no financial or ownership interest in any of the product and service providers we evaluate and rank.

    • Who are our evaluators?

      The certified evaluators which we connect with are passionate about what they do and have proven themselves as knowledgeable of the products and services in which they evaluate. These individuals generally feature experience with the products and services both in a professional and at a personal capacity and are dedicated to the research required to remain knowledgeable.

    • How do we benefit consumers?

      The market is full of a large number of products and services that claim they can perform to the expectations of the average consumer. Sometimes individuals are looking for a product or service that exceeds the average or the usual quality in a product or service and are looking for something that will maximize their enjoyment. Our evaluation and ranking service is designed to assist consumers in finding these products and services by connecting with certified evaluators who understand these products and services and are able to weed out the ones that don’t quite perform when compared to the best of the best. Our marketplace also offers consumers the opportunity to search other products and services for the best fit.

    • How do we benefit product and service providers?

      The companies that provide the products and services we evaluate and rank are benefited through the traffic and recognition they gain from being featured on reviewauthority.com. We provide exposure for producers looking to obtain access to a generation of online shoppers who are not just satisfied with the status quo and instead look for products and services with quality. We offer these companies the opportunity to increase their return on investment and obtain more clients along the way.

    • What makes these products or services the best?

      There are a number of ways one can assess the quality of any good or service. Since individuals may have differing opinions on what constitutes as a quality product, we obtain opinions from a variety of professionals interested in various types of products and services in order to create a comprehensive view of what is generally considered to be the best. While we believe this assists us with creating a valid ranking list of the best products and services, we understand that there will be others that disagree with these rankings and also note that these are our opinions. We would like to remind all consumers to do their due diligence prior to purchasing a product or services they find on the internet.

    • Can I apply for consideration to be ranked?

      We invite all product and service providers to apply to be considered for our rankings. reviewauthority.com evaluates a large number of products and services that may or may not appear on our rankings and in many cases invite them to join our marketplace. Companies that cater to end consumers will be allowed to offer their products and services through our marketplace. We monitor our marketplace and only allow luxury providers to join.

    • How do you evaluate these products and services?

      Our research team has been dedicated to evaluating and ranking products and services in various industries. We have created specific criteria to identify key aspects of each industry in which we evaluate and have connected with various professional enthusiasts in order to maintain a network of certified evaluators that assist us with our evaluation. Evaluations are carried out in a three step process as follows:

      Step One

      We hire a dedicated enthusiast for each industry we evaluate.

      In order to better understand the dynamics of each industry which we evaluate, we connect with enthusiasts to find the best fit to assist us. Each enthusiast will provide us with insight on the various aspects of the industry that create the best products and services while assisting us with the reviews and rankings we provide. Our research team also spends time utilizing a variety of research channels in order to obtain as much relevant information as is possible.

      Step Two

      We pay for the enthusiasts to conduct research.

      Time and money is spent to ensure our enthusiasts have access to required materials and information needed to provide their insight and knowledge to reviewauthority.com. Enthusiasts are paid for the time and efforts needed to successfully evaluate and rank the products and services in each industry.

      Step Three

      Vendors pay us for our research and development costs.

      We charge product and service vendors for the time and research required to evaluate and rank products and services successfully. We utilize the finances earned to offset the costs of hiring researches and enthusiasts as well as the costs of maintaining our website and other miscellaneous services.

    • Can I also advertise?

      Due to the nature of reviewauthority.com's website, our advertising policy has been structured to protect the interests of both the clients and the companies providing the products and services featured on our website. We wish to provide a safe and acceptable environment to our users; therefore we offer our advertising services to a select group of advertisers.

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