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At, our goal is to provide a service that is helpful to the consumers looking for products and services while also benefiting the producers that create them. We also want to assist all parties involved by offering advertising opportunities that are relevant to our visitors while also ensuring a safe environment which is considerate to our visitors.

In order to protect our visitors, we will only allow advertisers which meet the requirements detailed below:

Companies who provide the products and services which we evaluate and rank will not be allowed to advertise on our website.

Content that is deemed to be offensive, deceptive, illegal, or violent will not be permitted on our website. We reserve the right to prevent further advertising requests from those who violate our terms.

We reserve the right to manually approve and disapprove advertisements based on this policy or personal judgments and will not allow advertisements that do not reflect the personal beliefs of the website or of our company. Content publishers, conference events, and services and products which we do not evaluate and rank may apply for our rankings amongst other organizations that would not fall under a conflict of interest. cannot be held liable for the conduct of the companies which advertise on our website nor may be held liable for the content or messages portrayed through advertisements.

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