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At Review Authority, we evaluate and rank products and services in a variety of categories. Our evaluations of technology are aimed to help consumers find the best products for their personal experience based on both our expert understanding of technology and the expectations of our visitors and consumers when purchasing a tablet. Tablets are a special type of device meant for mobility and access to a variety of media on the go.

Our evaluations cover numerous aspects of tablets which are evaluated by our certified evaluators. Our evaluators for technology are enthusiasts who are passionate about technology and are professionals who have used various technologies during their professional careers.

For tablets, our evaluation focuses on many of the important aspects of a tablet for those who are looking to experience rich media on the go ranging from videos to electronic books from a variety of services. We understand that not all users are looking for the same type of product and our goal is to highlight the best tablets on the market for the general tablet user. Not all of the products which we evaluate will make the cut, but the ones that do can be found on our monthly rankings.

The five main criteria which we use to evaluate tablets are as follows:

Our first aspect of evaluating tablets is the ease of use; or the ability for a consumer to easily navigate and use the tablet. We understand that consumers are looking for a tablet that is easy to use and navigate and easy to add additional software or applications to and therefore evaluate the tablets based on the graphical user interface or the way that a user uses the device. In many cases we put the tablet to the test to see how different types of users will navigate.

Performance of the tablet is evaluated through understanding what types of processes can be accessed on the tablet and the maximum number of processes that are able to run. Many tablets may have problems with accessing music and other media at the same time. We evaluate and identify tablets that provide great options for multiple tasks and are optimized to switch between different tasks at ease while continuing the other tasks in the background.

The overall battery life of the tablet is also important. Having a tablet which is able to run for many hours can be critical for people on the go. A tablet can be used to access the internet which allows it to be used to check e-mail, view the latest news online, or even read books. We identify which tablets can stand the test of time and remain functional even at the end of the day.

Our fourth aspect of evaluation is on the display quality of the tablet. Since a tablet is a portable device used for rich media, the display function of the device needs to be easy to read. We evaluate and compare the displays of different tablets to identify displays which truly complement the types of media which are accessible on the tablet.

Our final aspect of evaluation centers on the features which are provided with the tablet. This includes any downloadable software, the ability to connect the tablet to other devices, and the types of media which can be accessed from the tablet. Proprietary features and strong points of each device are scrutinized to understand the pros and cons of each device.

Once our certified evaluators and research team have done their due diligence, we combine this information and create our monthly rankings. These rankings are our opinions of which tablet provides the best mobile experience.

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