Evaluation Criteria: Refrigerators

At Review Authority, we evaluate and rank products and services in a variety of categories. Our evaluations of home and garden products are aimed to help consumers find the best products for their personal experience. We understand the necessity to utilize quality products which are reliable.

Our evaluations cover numerous aspects of Refrigerators which are evaluated by our certified evaluators. Our evaluators are enthusiasts who are passionate about the products and services which they evaluate for Review Authority. In many cases, they have used the same products and services in their professional careers and utilize them as a part of their dedicated hobbies.

For Refrigerators, our evaluation involves a multiple step process which begins by using and evaluating various critical aspects of our evaluation criteria for each product and ends with a full understanding of how each Refrigerator stands up against its competition. Not all products and services will make the cut, but the ones that do can be found on our monthly rankings.

The five main criteria which we use to evaluate Refrigerators are as follows:

Our evaluators focus first on the energy efficiency of the refrigerator. By gauging electricity use and comparing the use of electricity to other similar refrigerators, our evaluators are able to compare efficiency between different models and manufacturers.

The features of the refrigerator are also compared and examined. Our evaluators spend time checking the quality of features ranging from the ability to serve filtered water through the front door to the automatic ice maker.

The ability to cool items inside the refrigerator and the freezer portion is also evaluated. Our evaluators inspect the amount of time it takes to cool items stored within, the evenness of the cooling, and the evenness of the freezing.

Reliability is measured over time to determine whether the refrigerator is known to have faults or flaws which could cause a need to repair it. Our evaluators also connect with customers of the product and other organizations which provide testing to obtain their insight on the reliability of the product and research historical data of similar models.

The overall performance of the refrigerator is based on numerous aspects ranging from the available space on the inside to the way which food items can be organized. Additional storage compartments, customization of temperatures, and sensors are all examined to gauge the overall performance of the refrigerator.

Once our certified evaluators and research team have done their due diligence, we combine this information and create our monthly rankings. These rankings are our opinions of which refrigerators provide the most complete experience.

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