Evaluation Criteria: Desktop Computers

At Review Authority, we evaluate and rank products and services in a variety of categories. Our evaluations of technology are aimed to help consumers find the best products for their personal experience based on both our expert understanding of technology and the expectations of our visitors and consumers when purchasing a desktop computer. We understand the necessity to utilize quality products which are reliable.

Our evaluations cover numerous aspects of desktop computers which are evaluated by our certified evaluators. Our evaluators for technology are enthusiasts who are passionate about technology and are professionals who have used various technologies during their professional careers.

For desktop computers, our evaluation focuses on many of the important aspects of a desktop computer for the average computer user and those who look for an overall great package for their computing experience. We understand that not all users are looking for the same type of computer and our goal is to highlight the best computers which provide the best overall experience.  Not all of the products which we evaluate will make the cut, but the ones that do can be found on our monthly rankings.

The five main criteria which we use to evaluate desktop computers are as follows:

The overall performance of the desktop computer is our first important aspect for evaluation. Our testing generally looks at the type of components which make up the performance aspect including the CPU, integrated or dedicated GPU, the type of memory being used, and other aspects which may improve or decline performance. We utilize benchmarks, tests, and an understanding of the software bundled with each machine to understand how performance for the average user will be impacted.

The warranty service which is offered by the manufacturer is also an important aspect of the evaluation. A basic warranty will cover issues with the parts and the labor which may cause the machine to malfunction. Additional options for coverage are also evaluated to understand what the offering and limitations are of each option.

Provided technical support options are also evaluated. Having a dedicated technical support team available to assist a user with the issues they may be facing can be critical for many. Bundled software, proprietary solutions, and common issues can plague the experience for a computer user, but having a dedicated technical support team can resolve the issues quickly for the user and assist them with improving their use of the machine.

Options for the expansion of the capabilities of the desktop computer are also an important aspect which we evaluate. Having a machine which can be readily upgraded with additional memory, storage capacity, and improved performance can assist desktop computer owners in running the latest software or games on their computer. Requirements increase over time as new graphics and functions are created that require a more powerful CPU and GPU.

The expected life of the computer is our final aspect of evaluation. Based on the quality of the parts which are used to build the computer, the technologies utilized to protect the machine against failure, and the overall composition of both the hardware and software, we determine the chances for a machine to continue operating over a long period of time; generally for five years.

Once our certified evaluators and research team have done their due diligence, we combine this information and create our monthly rankings. These rankings are our opinions of which desktop computers provide the best quality experience.

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