Evaluation Criteria: Convertibles

At Review Authority, we evaluate and rank products and services in a variety of categories. When we evaluate automobiles, our process for evaluation is meticulous. Our goal is to accurately express our opinions through our proprietary ranking system.

Our evaluations cover numerous aspects of the automobiles which are evaluated by our certified evaluators. These individuals will spend time evaluating and utilizing the products and services and are enthusiasts who are not only passionate about automobiles, but are highly knowledgeable with a background in automotives.

For convertibles, our evaluation involves a multiple step process which begins by reviewing numerous convertibles by different manufacturers and reviewing historical and current information relating to the various aspects which comprise of our evaluation criteria. Not all automobiles will make the final cut, but the ones that do can be found on our monthly rankings.

The five main criteria which we use to evaluate convertibles are as follows:

Our first critical aspect of evaluation is on the overall performance of the vehicle. Our enthusiasts spend time critiquing various aspects of each convertible which can affect the performance of the vehicle when on the road including its handling, suspension, and the ability to accelerate. Performance is compared between multiple vehicles, allowing us to compare them in a variety of aspects which provide an overall experience.

Practicality is another aspect of our evaluation. Having a convertible with features which work the way they are designs is important. We evaluate the mechanical aspects of the convertible and other features ranging from window control to breaking. Our enthusiasts compare how well the retracting roof works in both directions and how well the roof works to keep out the elements when closed. Others aspects of practicality include how well technologies work with the operation of the vehicle.

Our third critical aspect when evaluating a convertible revolves around the reliability of the vehicle’s operations on the road. Evaluators spend time ensuring that every aspect of the vehicle works properly without problems and that emergency functions are fully functioning and do not have a history of catastrophic failure during emergencies where life may be at risk. Having reliable services including GPS systems, cooling, locking mechanisms, and electronic aspects are also important.

The overall safety of the vehicle is generally reviewed through researching various safety tests and organizations which attempt to identify safety risks associated with each vehicle. Our evaluators will also spend time attempting to understand various environmental hazards and the options which are available to combat those hazards ranging from snow tires to four wheel drive.

Our final critical aspect delves into the ease of repair for the convertible. Being able to take the vehicle to a repair shop without major delay can be important for any driver. Having the means to find the parts and the mechanics to repair the vehicle in locations where the driver may not be knowledgeable is important. Our research team identifies how easy it is to get the vehicle repaired for common repairs in different major cities and regions.

Once our certified evaluators and research team have done their due diligence, we combine this information and create our monthly rankings. These rankings are our opinions of which convertibles provide the best overall experience to drivers of all types.

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